Tracey Quayle Counsellor & Clinical Social Worker, Joondalup WA

I am a counsellor and clinical social worker based in Joondalup, with 12 years experience working with people of all walks of life.  I am fully registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers and hold a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Curtin University, Perth WA.

I specialise in:

Relationship Counselling
Stress management
Self harm and Suicidality
Sexual Abuse and Trauma
Self Esteem and Personal Development
Adolescent issues

I provide counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and families for a broad range of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and trauma. I am skilled in a range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and art therapy.  I have facilitated therapeutic groups in camp, school and community settings in the areas of managing depression, anxiety and self esteem.

In my practice I seek to establish a relationship with my clients, which is confidential, respectful & non-judgmental. I use an integrated approach in my counselling to enable exploration of conscious and unconscious behaviours, emotional experiences, and beliefs. Through this exploration clients are supported to identify unhelpful behaviour, emotions and thinking and develop healthy coping strategies.

I can work with clients on both a short and long term basis, depending on the individual goals of a client.

In addition to my private practice in Joondalup, I spent a number of years as a counsellor at an adolescent mental health service working with adolescents and their families who were at risk of depression, self harm and suicide.

I am a Medicare registered provider of services through The Better Access to Mental Health Scheme. To find out more about this scheme you can either speak to your Doctor or visit the Department of Health website.

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