If you need help with your relationship then I welcome you to get in touch for help.

At some stage in our life we are all going to have some difficulty with a relationship. It may be with your partner, parent, sibling, child or friend. 

These difficulties may come about due to a difference in values, expectations or beliefs. Depending on how we deal with these difficulties we can either strengthen or damage our relationships.

We all come to each of our relationships with our own unique set of values, expectations and past experiences. These will impact our relationships in many ways and sometimes without us realising it.

By examining the impact your past may be having on you and your relationships, as well as how you communicate and deal with conflict, you may be able to resolve problems you are facing. It is through this understanding you can see if your behaviour patterns are helpful or harmful to your relationship. With increased insight you may also begin to understand and respect differences in other people, which in turn will lead to less conflict in your life.

Relationship counselling can be done by yourself or together. If you feel more comfortable doing one on one counselling sessions to begin with that can prove to be just as successful as doing joint sessions with your loved one.

It may seem daunting or uncomfortable, but simply by being here, reading this, you have taken an important first step to improving your relationship. If you would like to talk contact me here for help with your relationship

For some extra reading you may find my blog post on the ‘Relationship Counselling...it's more common than you think!‘ quite helpful.

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We offer an engaging two day retreat that gets to the heart of what makes relationships strong, meaningful and connected.

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