17 unhelpful techniques for dealing with anxiety (what not to do!)

People cope with anxiety in a number of different ways. Some of these can be quite effective in immediately reducing anxiety, however, they may not be helpful for effectively dealing with anxiety in the long run.

Being able to identify how you are currently coping with anxiety and why this may not be the best long term solution is important.

To help you, I have listed some of the most common ways people deal with anxiety that should be replaced with a more effective alternative.

1. Not attending events
2. Overeating
3. Drinking alcohol
4. Ignoring feelings
5. Deflection
6. Fidgeting
7. Using drugs
8. Clenching your fists
9. Crying
10. Avoiding the issue
11. Twirling your hair
12. Grinding your teeth
13. Self criticism
14. Disassociating
15. Biting your finger nails
16. Smoking
17. Playing with jewelery

Think of the ways in which you deal with your anxiety. Do you do any of the things in the above list? If the answer is yes, have a think about whether these are helpful ways to deal with your anxiety. Think about what ways they are helpful and what ways they are unhelpful. If they are mainly unhelpful then perhaps you need some help in finding more productive ways of dealing with your anxiety.